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Clarity for Your Fantasy
Whether you are an aspiring or amateur fantasy writer who just needs a bit more clarity, a discovery call to get you clear on how to set up your novel to get drafting is essential.

Chances are, you’re of the mind to write a fantasy novel. If you have your idea down pat, or your ideas are all over the place, we can chat and get you on the path to getting started with your novel with the elements your story needs to be written well.

Ready to build out the elements of story to craft your best draft? Book a discovery call Scripter.

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Finally Finish Your Draft
Fantasy writers come to me when they’re tired of running around in circles, never able to finish their draft, nor complete their novel.

By now you already have your amazing idea and know about your main character, and can kinda sort of see the world. You know what story you want to tell, but you need help to actually turn what you began into a novel.

This 90 minute 1:1 strategy session with me will give you the exact direction you need to finish what you started so you can be one step closer to publishing your novel.

Be sure to book your session with me so we can get you writing Scripter.

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Let’s Get Writing
The Stephanie BwaBwa Facebook Page is where you can stay up to speed with all things Stephanie. Plus, you’ll walk away with strategy on tackling your WIP.

Often you’ll find me sharing inspiration, behind the scenes look at my process, or just breaking down an element of story to further you along with your craft.

Not to mention, whenever I publish a new book, release new writing resources, or have anything else to share to your storytelling benefit, you’ll be the first to know. Cool huh?

Interviews and Collaborations
Request Stephanie for your next podcast interview
Skillful in all things crafting epic fantasy stories, from story structure, to world building, idea generation, and more.

Stephanie is a lover of fantasy and is passionate about sharing all she knows to assist other writers.

Full of high energy and creativity, book Stephanie for your next podcast interview.

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