World Building Blueprint

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    The Fantasy Novel Coach for Fantasy Writing Enthusiasts

    There's a story the world is waiting to read & they're waiting for you
    to write it


    Still struggling to write that novel, huh?

    But imagine. What would it feel like if you could breeze through your fantasy novel? What kind of peace would you have if you knew exactly how to craft your characters? How to build your world? How to unpack your plot? I want you to dig deep and seriously think about how much joy and pride you would feel, finishing your novel because you weren't stuck with what to do next... again. This is the kind of peace of mind I wish for you to have, and it's exactly what you'll get in my Finish Your Fantasy VIP Day.

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    Ready to Conquer World Building
    Once & For all?


    What if you could finally know exactly what to do to build your fantasy world, without the added stress and overwhelming frustration that can come attached?

    What if I told you, all you need is 16 days and you can have YOUR own fantasy world, 100% complete?

    No risks. No gimmicks.

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    Meet your neighborhood fantasy nerd...

    Sup fam! I'm Stephanie BwaBwa, Fantasy Novel Coach and Fantasy Author. A woman with no shame drinking tea and writing all day. My sweet jam is helping first-time fantasy writers craft their stories from all their confusing ideas into a well-laid-out outline so they can write their best novel. You can usually catch me reading, watching the next Disney flick, or stewing over my next story.