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Wings high! I’m Stephanie BwaBwa

I’m an Afro-Caribbean, Christian epic romantasy novelist, fantasy universe builder, educator, and podcastor, with big dreams, a big heart, and novels that fill readers with awe, light, and wonder.

I’m the creator and author behind the fantasy universe: Elledelle, full of angels, adventure, romance, and light.

You can usually catch me going for a walk through a park, or simply binging anything creatively juicy with too many snacks.

Not a fan of elevator pitches? Bet.

The Court of Dreams and Stars Cover Reveal Teaser

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There once was an angel whose touch cured grief, but had no way of mending her shattered heart. She traveled to a foreign land wanting to disappear, instead she drew the eyes of the Starfall King.

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The Seraphim Resistance Prequels

Seraphim Falling book 1 in The Seraphim Resistance Prequels by Epic Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa
Seraphim Breaking - Book 2 in The Seraphim Resistance Prequels series by Stephanie BwaBwa Epic Romantasy Author
Seraphim Burning book 3 in The Seraphim Resistance Prequels series by Epic Romantasy author Stephanie BwaBwa

There is one last installment in this prequel series to come

I hope one day to see this as a movie.

You know how when you finally read/watch something and get mad that you didn’t do it earlier? That’s how I felt when I finally read Seraphim falling. It was everything I wasn’t expecting, but what can you expect when you’ve never read a book with black angels or angels as a whole in it. Now I’m a dedicated fan! 

– Mesuur Lorkighir

I am not ok! This story is heart wrenching and thrilling.

The way the author illustrates this world and the beauty of these characters is amazing too. They truly come alive off the pages. These stories had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I’m always amazed at how intricately Stephanie paints every image, emotion and experience.

– Marlena Banks

Christian fantasy with black angels? Unheard of!

Listen, every one of her books have me bamboozled, upset that it’s done and ready to whine and beg Stephanie to write faster so that I can get the next one! She is telling epic stories we need, ok? These stories are a blessing I didn’t know I needed. Thank you Stephanie!

– Sonja Williams