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Creating Complex Characters Workbook

Creating characters with a rich past, vivid present, and mysterious future isn’t as hard as you’d might assume. You’re looking to create characters that will make up a page-turning novel. Cause readers to binge read while walking away with priceless lessons. With Creating Complex Characters: The Plotter’s Guide for Crafting 3 Dimensional, Multi-Layered Yet Relatable Characters you can do just that. The 30+ paged workbook will take you through a creative way of developing characters that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

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Sup friend. I’m Stephanie BwaBwa.

Like dark roast espresso coffee, I strongly believe you have a story worth telling. It’s my job to walk you through the phases of story in Plotters Ville so you can breeze through your manuscript and publish this year, and not the next decade.

In this space, I tackle all things story from character, to world, to arcs, to plot, making writing your epic story infinitely easier. I’m also huge on keeping writing fun, creative, and bring all the laughs. Going from craft to draft isn’t just purpose, it’s also passion. Let’s get storytelling.

Elevator pitches are weird. Let’s really get to know each other.

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Apothecary WordPress Template

Apothecary is an oasis, greenhouse, styled WordPress Template designed with Divi from Elegant Themes made specifically with Product Based business owners in mind. For Skin Care makers, Seamstresses, Boutique Owners, Digital Product Creators such as: eBooks, Masterclasses, and other digital products. This theme is highly customizable from fonts, colors, images, sizing, and more. It comes complementary with unique pages and features laid out for your business to get up and going in no time.

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