A smart-mouthed pirate, a people-pleasing princess, and an epic heist beneath the sea.

Comedic epic fantasy with swoon.

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Fantasy with Diverse angels, Vivid worlds, & Eternal Light

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Legends of the Obedayas

Monsters Hidden in the Void

Alaia and the Obedayas are off to find a new planet. What happens when they find themselves in a realm of monsters instead?

Alaia Obedaya is ready to celebrate the victory of crossing the portal between realms and looking forward to finding the planet she’s been Summoned to. But when the Obedayas find themselves surrounded by black holes, and the terrifying monsters coming out of them, Alaia will find that reaching the new world will be harder, and trickier, than she ever imagined.

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A widowed healer, a bachelor king, and a love to rival the stars.

Ruth and Boaz meets Beauty and the Beast.

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Read Romantasy With Diverse Angels

Epic fantasy with swoon

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A scorned fae, an imprisoned angel, and a fate sealing bargain.

Samson and Delilah meets Jack and the Beanstalk.

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