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I’m Stephanie and I’ll show you that writing your novel, establishing your online career and building a profitable online storefront isn’t as difficult as you think.

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Stephanie BwaBwa is the CEO and Founder of Bwabs Collective LLC, the Co-Founder of Indie Author Lifestyle, a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, YA Fantasy Author, and a strong believer you have a story locked within you that must be told.

Stephanie is on a mission to help writers of fantasy turn their craft into a draft. As a brief pantser turned plotter, Stephanie dug deep into her craft, learning strategies to help herself, and fantasy writers alike, draft easier, faster, and with confidence.

There is a story inside of you the world is waiting to read.
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Your dream of holding your large, beautifully binded epic story in your bare hands, isn’t crazy.

Your wish to have a platform that grows your email list by the hundreds, builds your audience, and sells your products like a machine, isn’t far fetched.

Your need to build a career that supports you, your family, and lets you do what you love every waking day, is not impossible.