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The Crescent and the Bloodwood Trap

The first episode of The Transcendents Serial season 1.

A deadly assassin seeking freedom. A manipulative queen seeking power. A depraved court hanging in the balance.

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Angel in the Shadow Court

Seventeen-year-old Tayurah Wyld is a sheltered, and underestimated Heiress in a court that refuses to take her seriously. As the High Lady’s only child, and sole heir, she’s destined to one day wear the crown. If others in the court won’t stop getting in her way.

As the lowest ranking angel without magic, Tayurah struggles to prove she can wear the crown and serve the hardened angels of the world she calls home. Tayurah thinks she has what it takes to rule, until poisonous shadows surface beneath her skin, threatening to cost her everything she worked for. Tayurah quickly learns not only she can’t remember much of anything, but she’s also not being told the truth of what’s happening in her world.

When her trainer takes her out of the castle one day, she’s exposed to a reality she never knew of. And she learns, everything she ever knew was a lie. Tayurah fights for her right to rule in a world without respect for her crown. Will she be able to prove herself to the court and the angels? Or is it already too late?