1. The Beginning of All

When the Infinite One grows restless, a new Age will be born.

Stephanie BwaBwa

1. The Beginning of All

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When the Infinite One grows restless, a new Age will be born.

In the Hall of All Beginnings, Ehyeh, the Infinite One, grows restless with His present creation. Everything His hand has touched is perfect, unblemished, and without error. But when this reality no longer satisfies Him, Ehyeh finds Himself in a protected chamber wielding the great Scrollbook that tells of all life, and when He opens it everything is changed forever.

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The Hall of All Beginnings glimmered beneath cascading, effervescent streaks of light. A thousand times a thousand infinitesimal sparks of ivory fire coruscated in every direction radiating their collective light. With a sigh, Ehyeh, the Infinite One, sat on His throne, crossing an ephemeral leg over the other, watching strands of gold pulse with life below illuminating, translucent skin. 

“I grow indifferent to this…” The thought was incomplete as Ehyeh tapped his fingers on the armrest letting His mind fish for the right emotion. “Ah, yes.” He took a deep sigh. “I grow indifferent to this sameness.” His eyes danced over the perfection displayed before Him, not a single error in sight.