How many books would you write if your self-limiting beliefs stopped resisting your inner author?

I’m ready to bring out my inner author!

Have you ever seen an author’s backlog of novels and wondered, “Well, geez! How did they write so many books? + How can I write some of my own?”

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book with your own unique ideas to share with readers who will positively squeal over the story, it can be beyond frustrating that published writers seem to have access to some secret sauce that you don’t.

While you struggle to put pen to paper and make words happen, you blink and they seem to be breezing through yet another book.

And let’s not talk about the waste basket filled with balled up, half-written manuscripts that just seem impossible to complete.

Spoiler alert: There is no secret sauce. You, too, can finish the book, publish it, and wow your readers.

Seriously. And just imagine, you’re one book away from…

1. Having your family text you selfies with the copy of your book they found in Target

2. Physically holding all of your hard work, looking at the book as you flip through the pages

3. Having someone DM you how the book changed their lives forever

4. Creating space and giving voice to a reader who can show up in a powerful way now because of you

Truth be told, writing, and actually finishing a novel, is easier than you think. The problem of finishing a draft isn’t in your inability to write, or lack of skill. The reason your book is still not done is because of your mindset.

I’m ready to bring out my inner author!

8 years ago when I began writing my first novel, I dove into the manuscript with a lot of self-limiting beliefs and unaddressed writing resistance. I had what I assumed was a solid enough book idea, and all I needed to do was sit down and write it.

I walked into my first manuscript without realizing:


Walls of resistance to my writing abilities were high and unshakeable


I kept comparing my craft and abilities to authors I looked up to


Imposter syndrome crippled me everytime I sat down to write


I hadn’t established my why for choosing to put pen to paper


I didn’t believe I knew enough to put what was in my heart into a completed book


I was scared to even call myself a writer out loud… whew!

Sound familiar?

I was convinced I had a story to tell. I even went as far as believing I needed to tell. But then it all went up in flames.

I would sit down, write a chapter, re-read, trash what I wrote, and start all over again. I would beat myself up for not doing better. I would draw huge mental blanks, completely unsure of how to move the story forward.

I got stuck. I beat myself up. I quit. I started all over again.

It became a never ending cycle.

Now? Things look a whole lot different.


I waltz into every new book with swagger, ready to crush my manuscript


Each time I start a new book, I finish it


Comparisonitis no longer rents out space in my mind nor hinders my creativity


I have an established why that spurs me on any time I begin to forget to importance behind me writing the book


I confidently say the words without shame or fear: I am an author!

And I am passionate about sharing the process I went through to conquer my mindset, self-limiting beliefs, and mental roadblocks to help you do the same. Because trust me when I say, if you believe you can, then every single time, you will. Ready to know how I conquered the mind, then conquered my novels?

I’m ready to bring out my inner author!

As a member of Writer Readiness, you can expect to:

Understand “writer’s block”

Beat imposter syndrome

Create your perfect story idea

Define your writing “why”

Discover old writing practices

Build out your inspiration well

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the Writer Readiness modules:

Module 1: Diving in + diving deep
  • Learn the many ways you were introduced to storytelling and how this cultivated your ability to birth a book over the course of many years!
  • Discover habits you’ve already established that help you cultivate your ability to write a book every day!
  • Take a look at the power of your imagination and how the seeds of creativity nurture your craft.
Module 2: Uncovering your why + writing purpose
  • Come face to face with your real motives for writing to help cultivate your approach to the craft.
  • Discover the hard truths about writing all the other experts won’t tell you!
  • Dig deep in identifying what the image of success in writing looks like!
  • Learn how to approach your story from the foundation of legacy and gain unshakeable confidence to write!
Module 3: Passion that must turn into storytelling
  • Learn how to go about writing the story you wish to read and write!
  • Acknowledge writing truths and overcome mental resistance.
  • Discover what the heart of Story is and how to not lose this aspect of the craft when it’s time for you to write!
Module 4: Building a well of inspiration for idea generation
  • Learn what to do to sift out the exact story idea you wish to write
  • Discover unconventional ways to continuously generate new ideas to turn into books!
  • Learn the exact ways to build wells of inspiration, imagination, and endless creativity so you never run out of ideas

One time payment of *$97

Note: Currency is in USD.

You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like.

It’s okay if you’re nervous. If you’re unsure if this time you’ll actually be able to move forward.

I know you’re ready to stop the constant spinning around your manuscript without it ever getting done or going anywhere. You’re ready to finally stop spinning your wheels and learn the reasons behind why your story still isn’t done. The reasons why you’re even too afraid to pick up your pen and just get started.

The journey of transformation it takes to become a published author is waiting for you on the other side of your self-limiting thoughts, and mindset. Once you join Writer Readiness you can cross over the hump that’s keeping you back as a writer.

So who’s the author walking with you throughout your journey?

Ohey! I’m your teacher, Stephanie BwaBwa.

I’m known for writing stories that are vivid, detailed, and action-packed thrilling a global reading audience.

Like dark roast espresso coffee, I strongly believe you have a story inside that needs to be told. Written. And I’m here to help you do it. 

I’m a Jesus-centered, YA Fantasy Author and Entrepreneur, creator of the fantasy world Elledelle, and Co-Host of the Indie Author Lifestyle Show, who’s enjoying building a legacy through the lens of story. 

My journey to publish began in 2013 where I went on to write only 3 chapters in 3 years, and had nothing but a bucket of tears to show to everyone I bragged about “being a writer” to. 

In 2016, my fantasy world, Elledelle, was born. In 2017 I published my first two books. Since then I’ve gone on to write and publish fantasy novels centered about black angels in a supernatural world that’s captivating readers all around the world.

I love focusing my zone of genius on teaching unconventional principles to writers just like you teaching how to craft stories while also having an incredible amount of fun.

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

What if I need support while going through the program?

If you ever need assistance or have any questions, you can reach me and my team directly by emailing us at any time. We typically respond between 3-5 business days!

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

Absolutely! If you find the program not working for you, send us an email within 7 days of purchase and you’ll get a full refund!

What format is the program content delivered in?

Love this question! The course is delivered in video content as video works very well with our students. Prefer a different format? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to accomodate.

What if I’ve never written a book before?

Perfect! This is the prime time for you to go through Writer Readiness. Conquering the work of building a healthy mindset before you ever write a single word is powerful and will help you avoid many pitfalls.

I’ve tried writing a book before and epically failed. Will Writer Readiness help me?

Look up writer, because those failures end here. Writer Readiness will help you face the resistance you were met with while drafting and help you overcome them. The next time you start your draft, you’ll finish!

When does the program start and finish?

Let me free you right now: this course can be done on your own terms. Which means, you can start today and finish today. Or, you can start in 3 weeks, and finish when you’d like. Do what’s best for you. But, don’t lose momentum, or time. You’ve got a book to write! Start as soon as possible, Scripter.

How long will I have access to this program?

How does forever sound? Seriously. You won’t ever lose access to this course. Once you’re in, you’ll have unlimited access for as long as you’d like across all devices.

One time payment of *$97

Note: Currency is in USD.

You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like.

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