Fantasy Author + Content Creator
What if you Knew exactly what to do to finally buiLd youR own fantaSy world?

What if world building was made easy—BS free?

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Remember this?

Them: OMG, so how's your novel going? Are you done yet?
You: ..... No. -___-
Them: ..... Why? I've been waiting to read it? :/
You: Ugh. Because I'm just frustrated. Like, I'm stuck. Again!
Sigh. I left it alone. I haven't been writing for a minute.
*deep set frown*
Them: *shifts uncomfortably* Stuck with what?
You: Bruh, with what else? World building.
*clicks tongue in frustration*

Fam, I've been there. Done that.
Bought the T-shirt, and burned it.

Which is why I created: World Building Bootcamp.

It is NOT your typical fantasy world building course. You'll be going beyond tips, ideas, and theories. You'll actually build your world from top to bottom!

Because this world is ready for the next Erilea (think Throne of Glass series).

And it's time for YOU to create it.


By the time you'Re doNe with the courSe you'Ll have:

— Developed your universe
— Your worlds cultures
— Your worlds governnments
— Its magic system
— Its various societal structures
— The education system
— Allies and enemies within
— Laws, treaties, wars
— Technology and all it's advancements
And so, so, so much more!

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This is a fRee 16 day eMail courSe that showS you how to deveLop your entiRe fantaSy world Step-by-step.

Each day for 16 days you'll receive an email straight to your inbox with the topic of your world you'll be building that day.

This is a no BS course—which means, your email won't be blown up with a bunch of fluff on what to do to create a stellar fantasy world. Instead you'll receive exactly how to do so.

You'll be receiving precise action steps to complete each day. And by the end of day 16, you will have SUCCESSFULLY developed your ENTIRE fantasy world.


If you're ready to stop screwing around and finally conquer world building, this course is for you—free. It's better than what most people are charging.