Tools & Resources

I’m the writer I am because of the tools and resources I share below. I share what I use, what I love, and what I believe will help you, too.

Writing & Publishing Tools

Scrivener: Get your words out.

Scrivener – Writing

Scrivener by Literature and Latte is my favorite, #1 and highly recommended writing tool. I’ve used Scrivener for several years and cannot sing the praises of the tool enough. Index cards, visual outlines, distraction free writing, multiple revision modes, easy ability to move chapters around, timeline creation, and much more. Scrivener is the tool I write in, and greatly recommend for you to pen your stories, too.

Vellum – Publishing

Vellum is one of the most powerful publishing tools that allows you to format your books by yourself. It’s an easy DIY tool when you need to get your book ready for publishing, whether the book is 100 or so pages, or it’s a 600+ paged mammoth. This tool allows you to format for ebooks and print copies!

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