The Court of Dreams and Stars by Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa

Ruth and Boaz meets Beauty and the Beast in this romantic fantasy.

A renown healer mourning her murdered mate. A barbarian king fighting against legions of Fallen angels. An unexpected love that will mend their hearts and save their endangered kingdom.

When Fallen angels kill her mate, grief stricken Jerielle leaves with her Creed Mother to start a new life in the foreign kingdom of Starfall.

As Jerielle enters Starfall, she catches the eyes of a starry figure with a smirk that lights a flame within. Initially, she fights her growing attraction, choosing to remain in mourning… until she learns the figure is Starfall’s Barbarian King. A king in need of a bride by winter’s solstice.

With the threat of the Fallen legion at Stallfall’s gates, Jerielle is caught between her work, her grief, and the quickly burning flame in her heart. Willing to love again, she chooses to win the heart of the king.

Except when she does, Jerielle will learn the truth, and what it costs to be chosen by the Barbarian King…

If you love swoony fairytales with a dark twist, this new adult fantasy romance filled with mysterious angels, intimate, clean romance, and ample danger is just for you!

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The Court of Dreams and Stars by Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa

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The Court of Dreams and Stars by Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa

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The Court of Dreams and Stars by Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa


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There once was an angel whose touch cured grief, but had no way of mending her shattered heart. She traveled to a foreign land wanting to disappear, instead she drew the eyes of the Starfall King.

Chapter 1

“If you don’t find a Soulu, and soon, you will lose the kingdom.”

The omen hung in the air like poison laced shadowglass. My grip tightened around the oxethium bars of the ballustrade, my knuckles darkening. The feel of the hardened metal rubbing against my palms worked to calm my rising nerves. Breathing deep I blinked at the darkness staining the mountains perched against a spoiled iridescent sky. I hung my head, shoulders bowed low. 


Namraphel wasn’t wrong.

“Their numbers are growing. They’ve plowed through [Star Kingdom One] *and* [Star Kingdom Two]. You know we’re next.”

On cue an explosion of power collided into the veiled portal barricading the gates of the kingdom. I noticed the fissures in the portal spreading from its peak, and snaking its way down both sides. This defense for the kingdom wouldn’t last long.

My eyes fell on the Star Watchers. They floated in the air, wings spread out, doubled swords in either hands, ready, *waiting*, for the defense to fall. For the slaughter to begin.

I looked away, unable to watch my angels fall at the onslaught of the darkness coming. 

*Their numbers are growing.*

Namraphel’s words rang in my mind. Rotting hells. How? How could they have multiplied? And so quickly?

I lifted a hand, flicked my wrist, and watched the flecks of midnight prick my starry skin. Starlight danced up and down my palms, into my arms, twinkling like the lights of Elledelle that shone above us. I watched as the starlight drew into a singular line that broke into three fissures at the center of my palm in a darkened pool. It looked so much like the black prisms I sometimes stumbled upon when flying through space between cosms. 

My focused narrowed on the swell of that dark pool growing in my palm. As it grew, so did my hysteria. My powers were fading. Fast. *Too* fast.

I looked up again, eyes going straight to the Star Watchers in the far distance, covered in armor, ready to lay down their lives for their king. Their kingdom. My stomach churned with guilt. I swallowed, letting my sight drift to the fall of stars pouring over a steep cliff, each ball of dazzling flame tumbling into a shower of light in the chasm below. How much longer could I protect the kingdom alone? How much longer could I keep the invading daimani at bay?

Namraphel shifted beside me, his wings fluttering in accusation. He refused to be ignored. I stifled a groan.

“Namraphel, you grieve me.”

I flicked my eyes to him. The General of Star Watchers simply shrugged. His eyes bristled, one the color of moonlight while the other reflected the shimmers of the rushing rivers of stars flowing below.

“It’s my job to grieve you.” His eyes narrowed, his wings pulsing a harsh beat behind him. “If you’d stop avoiding the ayèl at court—“

I put up a hand, stopping him.

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“That’s a personal problem,” Namraphel continued. 

I jolted, eyes narrowing. Namraphel often forgot the fine line between best friend and king. 

“The kingdom needs you. And you need a Soulu. Only the powers of your bonded queen will help seal the portals of Starfall, lest the kingdom fall like the rest of—”

I groaned wishing I could stuff my ears with feathers. “I know Namra.”

Namraphel fell silent. In the quiet, explosions sounded through the dusk, filling the skies with thunderous terror. The angels of Starfall had all reserved to stay in their homes, wondering how long they’d be in them no doubt. I refused to look at Namraphel. I had no energy left for what would no doubt be a sharp rebuke lacing his eyes.

The chill of the dusk brushed my shoulders, lifting the feathers of my wings. I leaned over the balustrade looking down the length of the grand castle, eyes glued to the rivers of stars below. Balls of fire, gas, and wondrous light collided and danced, thrashing with one another as they shot up bursts of heat and light that glimmered across the faces of Starfall’s skyscrapers carved of crystals from the Gemereth cosm, and glass from the Skryel cosm.

The solution to my problem was simple. The portals grew weaker under the onslaught of daimani. But combining my powers with an angel Bonded to me, I’d have enough strength to seal the portal and protect the beloved kingdom hidden behind the cascading falls of stars. Then the angels of Starfall would be safe from demons, and I could turn my focus on assisting my fellow kings in the fallen kingdoms throughout Rèvaillèl.

Choose a Soulu. Bond. Seal the falls. Defeat the daimani. 

It all sounded so easy, except…

I refused to bond to any ayèl I didn’t whole heartedly love. My parasèrs before me had no problems with contractual Bonding for the sake of the kingdom. I wasn’t my parasèrs. A grievance my Watchers and Admisaille had against me. Only my Minstraithe seemed to have a feathers length more grace on the matter. 

I declared I wouldn’t Bond until all nine of my hearts leapt within me at the sight of the ayèl who would fly by my side and help me rule the kingdom. Then war fell upon us. A Seer was responsible for the knowledge that bonding would increase my powers. Our defense. My refusal only poured fuel on the chaos. I’d decided not to bond, regardless of war. A decision that was testing the faith of my Watchers in both me as an angel, and my leadership of the kingdom as a whole.

“The balle begins when the trilùnes glow.” Namraphel’s voice was quiet. Hesitant. There was a silent prayer in there somewhere. One I radically ignored. He already knew my decision.

“I’m sure the angels would love to see their king.”

I bet they would. And that caucus of dark lips, tight gowns, and fluttering lashes would love it even more.

I grunted. Namraphel closed his eyes, opened them again, and sighed. He floated over his wings flapping gently, and placed a hand on my shoulders.

“Savarrion, at least think about it.”

I had. The answer was immediately no.

“Mm,” was my only response.

Namraphel gave a small groan, then spread his nine wing pairs and launched from the marbled veranda. I watched as his powerful wings carried him from the castle, under the glittering flecks of the iridescent clouds.

I bowed my head, my chest growing tight. “Ehyeh’El. This thorn is too deep o. A Soulu. Bah!”

I threw my hands up, wings fluttering in mirrored frustration. I looked over my kingdom, seeing beyond crystal walls, towering gardens, and cloudy veils. I saw my angels. The weak and strong. The hard workers and the affluent. The young and old. The good and misfits.

All of whom would fall if the daimani broke the veil hiding the portal to Starfall. Starfall was the heart of Rèvaillèl, and if she fell, the cosm of stars would fall once and for all.

Again, my head hung low. If I didn’t choose one of the babbling idiots waiting for me in the dancehall, what was I going to do?

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The Court of Dreams and Stars by Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa

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