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{Writer Readiness was great for me. Please make a quick note after listening to most of the sections. It helps you gain insight as a new writer on what you want to say, show, and reveal in your own story. It’s all about helping you proceed. When I finished I had my storyboard for my second book. Fantasy and adventures are favorites for me. I get to create my own world. It started with Anne Mccafferty and solidified with Stephen Donaldson. Now, its multicultural and Christian! I recommend both Stephanie’s books in the Elledelle fantasy world. Sexy Black but appropriate Angels! Thank you for the ‘stimulus’ I needed. Pun intended!
{Hi Stephanie, thank you for your fantastic presentation for the Women in Publishing Summit! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you talk about World Building and the fact that this is also what you do with your Elledelle world and the Seraphim Resistance series. It’s obvious your business and books were created out of love,
Jennifer, Tutfish Show Podcast
{Hey Stephanie! Thank you so much for your amazing session during Fantasy Writer's Week. We had such a great time and your session was so valuable for our attendees.
Hayley, ProWritingAid
{Thanks for the great presentation! I love your energy and passion!!
{I just finished listening to your segment. It was wonderful. So full of helpful info, and I loved your enthusiasm.
{I just wrapped up your segment, it was really good!
{Your session was crazy helpful for me! The detailed breakout of components of macro and micro... My ah ha moment was when you mention death practices.
Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to say that was an awesome workshop you put on for PWA today. Great slides, great energy & high caliber delivery. I was in the midst of packing school lunches & shuttling kids to school, so looking forward to re-watching with full attention.
{I just wanted to thank you for the amazing world building talk you gave at WIP. I'm catching up on the videos now and yours was one I wasn't sure if I needed but wow was I blown away. A lot of what you said I already implemented but the ones I missed will make it so much better. So thank you so much for the talk. I have so many notes from it, and I can't wait to make my world even deeper thanks to you! I hope you have a great day, and thank you again. Your talk will enrich my word for years to come!