Seraphim Falling by Epic Romantasy Author Stephanie BwaBwa

A warrior about to be crowned. Exiled angels returning for vengeance. A massacre that’ll change their lives for eternity.

Titaia Angelfyre is a powerful warrior who earned her crown from conquering in competitions, and the blood of battle. She’s a coronation away from sealing her fate as the next high sovereign of her world.

Her sole focus is on surviving the coronation and her transition into the fire palace…

Until the great Raven, King of the Fallen, crashes the ceremony and starts slaughtering all of the angels.

As the Fallen attack, Titaia is forced into hiding, leaving her to make a life altering decision.

How far will she go to protect the angels and save her own life when she runs out of options to survive?

This novella is a fast-paced, epic adventure, involving bravery, love, heroism, and sacrifice.
For fans of angels, magic, battle, romance and heart-wrenching plot twists.

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