Romance Content Rating Score

Please use the following RCRS to determine which level of romance is in each novel, and what is appropriate for you, or your younger ones, when purchasing.

1. Romance with light intimacy. Feel good, sweet, nothing physical.

2. Romance with mild intimacy. Hand holding, and kisses involving: pecks and french. Nothing too deep. 

3. Romance with moderate intimacy. Heavier kissing, like: making out, body touching.

4. Romance with sexual intimacy. Fade to black sex. No sex on the page.

5. Romance with mild sexual intimacy. Sex on the page with lightly graphic descriptions.

6. Romance with moderate sexual intimacy. Sex on the page sex with more detailed graphic descriptions.

7. Romance with passionate sexual intimacy. Sex on the page with explicit graphic descriptions.

8. Romance with intensely passionate sexual intimacy. Multiple sex scenes with explicitly graphic descriptions.

9. Romance with extreme sexual intimacy. Majority of story involves graphic descriptions. Limitations applied.

10. Romance with extreme sexual intimacy sans limits. Endless sex scenes with vividly graphic descriptions, plus objects used. Erotica.

RCRS chart created and modified from the original: Angela J. Ford