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The Crescent and the Zobâtants Print


A self-destructive heiress. Assassins mysteriously disappearing. And a vicious court plunging into further darkness.

Sixteen year old Zavala Nightingale has been crowned as the new heir of all assassins in the Court of Bones.

And to cope, she finds herself fighting in the ash pits with the Zobâtants of her court—hardened pit fighters and the deadliest criminals alive.

While collecting coin through fighting, Zavala’s world is flipped upside down when the Ash Queen, Master of the Crescents, reveals that assassins are mysteriously disappearing while out on assignment without a trace.

It’s up to Zavala and her Crescent partner to find out what’s happening to the assassins and put an end to it before war breaks out in the Court.

But when all evidence points to a powerful group of angels, will Zavala be ready to do what it takes to cut the threat down?

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