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About Stephanie | Long Bio

Stephanie BwaBwa is the CEO and Founder of Bwabs Collective LLC and the Co-Founder of Indie Author Lifestyle, an Apostolic entrepreneur, indie fantasy author, poet, multi-passionate creative, and a strong believer you have a story locked within you that must be told.

Stephanie is on a mission to help writers of fantasy turn their craft into a draft. As a brief pantser turned plotter, Stephanie dug deep into her craft, learning strategies to help herself, and fantasy writers alike, draft easier, faster, and with confidence.

BwaBwa specializes in fantasy novel writing development, and personalized coaching for fantasy writers to successfully draft their desired novel ideas. 

From new writing enthusiasts, to published authors, her strategies are refreshing, eye opening, and always lead to thought provocation on crafting a better novel for readers.

As a multi-passionate creative, Stephanie works with fantasy writers helping them reach the place of drafting their novel, author platforms through website design, and marketing resources and collateral for them grow their readership audience.

While she uses strategies becoming of a meticulous plotter to help fantasy writers draft their novels, she also focuses on making sure writers are able to breakdown the process in a way that makes their writing journeys fun, adventurous, and excited to dive into the next story to do it all again.

As Stephanie says, it is to, “Their storytelling success.”

About Stephanie | Short Bio

Stephanie BwaBwa is an Author, Founder, and Entrepreneur. BwaBwa specializes in fantasy novel writing development, helping fantasy writers turn their craft into a complete draft. You can always catch her nose deep in a novel with coffee nearby when she’s not writing.

Podcasting Topics:

Navigating Ideas to A Complete Manuscript
Using Real Life to Develop Real Worlds
Fusing Structure With Storytelling for Better Written Novels
Crafting Characters Out of Real Life Experiences and Emotion
Advanced Drafting Strategies

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