— Infinite Realm —

Elvriel is a realm within the overall Elledelle universe. Within this realm are cosms (planets) filled with Infinite Angels. This is the first realm created within Elledelle, with the oldest cosms to exist, housing the most powerful angels of all creation.


/Reh-vah-Yell/ — Syëlles & Transcendents

Rèvaillèl is a cosm comprising of six kingdoms that span the entirety of the planet. This cosm is home to angels of Syëlle and Transcendent rank, as well as a few other unidentified angels known as, Other.

Enter Cosm: Rèvaillèl

Abraddon lunes

/Ah-bra-Don Loones/ — Daimanì & Fallen

The Abraddon Lunes are a group of isle like cosms linked together not too far from the Rèvaillèl cosm. Within this cosm are the Daimanì angels who were once Defandre’s and became Fallen. This cosm was created when the Damainì were banished from Rèvaillèl as an eternal punishment.