Trapped By Pirates ARC

Yakobba Rhòdhaire is a prideful Sky Prince who always gets whatever he wants… except his father’s affection. Sick of never being good enough, he ditches being a prince to live as a pirate. When he catches wind his father wants possession of the celestial Atlanthyst Stone, Yakobba plans to steal it. Because the stone will help restore his princely honor, and he’ll do whatever it takes to please his father. Even if he has to break into the sea kingdom to do it.

Raeshelle Au’Pearl is a spineless Sea Princess groomed her entire life to die. She grudgingly awaits when she’ll be sacrificed to heal the waters of Azizi with the portion of power fused into her body from the Atlanthyst Stone. But Raeshelle isn’t ready to die. When she learns of a plot to steal the stone, she plans to sabotage it. Because the stone is her only ticket to staying alive, and she’s not losing her chance for anyone. Not even the seaweed for brains, Pirate King.

Everything is about to get messy. The princess and the pirate get entangled in a heist for the Atlanthyst Stone that will either be their redemption or their destruction. While they cross treacherous waters and face monsters lurking in the deep, as they race to possess the stone, will the ever growing romance between them be their undoing?

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