My Commitment to Every Serious Fantasy Writer


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First off, I do not have all the answers.

Period, point blank.

But, I have chosen to make a commitment to every serious fantasy writer. To you. Now, have you heard a writer say this before: “There are no rules to writing?”

Well, you heard right.

There are no rules fam. None.

There are no “right answers” as to how to do everything. How to plot. How to develop characters. If you should pants, or plot, or pants and plot as you write.

Say it with me: There 🗣️ are 🗣️ no 🗣️ rules. 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣

However, there are processes to achieving your goal of finishing a novel.

That’s where I come in.

I don’t have the wisdom of Gandalf to bestow upon you.

Gif 1.gif

But - what I do have, I will give you. Experience. Years of writing, scribbling, developing, drafting, then editing, and revising.

Fantasy stories are like oxygen to my lungs.

It’s a beat that flows deep within my life. Therefore, I love it dearly. I read it everyday. And I study it, almost, every single day.

I admit, almost, because not doing so would be a lie and that’s no way to earn your trust, now is it?

So, here’s the deal bacon - you’re here because of one simple reason: you just want to write your daggone fantasy novel without ripping out the last few strands of your edges. Am I right?

This platform is meant to skip the BS and get to the point. And I don’t mean, giving you partial answers or responses that leave you with more questions and needing to buy something expensive for the rest.

Besides, I don’t want you leaving this platform like this:

If you download a resource, or invest in anything else, you will get what is actually promised. You have my word. Scouts honor.

I’ll be real: This platform is not for the diabolical DIY’ers nor is it for PANTSERS.

I’ll say it one mo’ time for the people in the back - if you are a PANTSER, this platform ain’t it sis.

I don’t deal in the land of come-up-with-an-idea-then-wing-it-and-make-it-up-as-you-go.

If this best suits your style, that’s dope! And I have major respect for you. But let it be known, I won’t be able to help you.

However, if you’re like me and rely on system, strategy, plotting, and organizing?

Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!

Now that this is all out of the way, let me share my 3 commitments I pledge to every serious fantasy writer.

1. I’m not Yoda but I still have a thing or two to teach you!

“Whatever do you mean Bwabs?”

In other words, I don’t know everything and I’m still growing as a writer just like you. And what I’m not going to do, is give you a bunch of Googled methods or hypotheticals.

What you will get is what I personally have done and seen working. What has brought me progress and led to success. This is what you will receive on this platform.

Anyone can string together information sourced from infinite amounts of Google posts and claim them as expertise.

But if writers like Judy Blume, who have about 50 years of skin in the game, still claim themselves to be learning?

Oh yeah. We are forever learners too.

So buckle up fam, and get ready to learn. Some methods will be what I’ve already proven, and others will be what I’m presently testing.

All in all, it will be for your benefit and at your service. Deal?

2. I won’t pretend the path before you is a yellow brick road.

Writing a novel ain’t easy fam. It just ain’t.

Oh I’m sorry. Am I not supposed to use ain’t on the internet? Oops.

But really though. It’s hard!

You will get pissed off. You will want to rip your hair out. You will cry. You will write thousands of words only to start all over again. You may forget to backup your work and lose everything. You may get halfway and realize you were writing the wrong story. Or developing the wrong plot. Or telling the tale through the wrong POV. You will stare at a blank screen or blank page, for hours, and get nothing written. Not one word. You will try to summon your muse, and they will defy you by not showing up. Again and again. You will find yourself being repetitive. You will find yourself being in lack of better vocabulary. You will begin to compare yourself to other writers who *may* be better than you. You will doubt yourself. You will get swallowed whole by fear. You will lose faith in your story. You will want to crawl into a corner and give up. You will curse yourself for even starting down this path in the first place.

Like… I can tell you right now - the road ahead is HARD. If you’re considering quitting, now is the time to do so.


If what I just wrote freaks you out to no end, pack your bags, tie your shoes, and RUN.


For the ballsy, the brave, and the audacious folks I haven’t scared off.

If you’re still here. If you still want to write that novel, come hell or high water. If you know, regardless of the madness, you will never stop writing because you can’t stop writing…

The writer’s life is for YOU. And you my friend will succeed.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
— Colin Powell

3. If you’ve got discipline, my bets are on you.

What do I mean by that? Simple.

If you will sit your butt in a chair every. single. day. and do the portion you’ve committed to for that day? You will complete your fantasy novel. Oh, and you will deserve that glass of [fill in the blank] you reserved as your celebratory drink.

It’s all about you.

It’s all about how bad you want it. How hard will you work. How willing are you to rid yourself of all excuses. How determined you are to finish what you started.

It’s all about you sis.

Will you push yourself even when you have no time? Your kids are pushing every last button? Your spouse is getting on your last nerves? You seem to have less and less time each day? You can hardly find time for yourself let alone time to write?

It’s all about you. And your choice to make time. To make the effort. To make it happen.

If you can be disciplined, my bets are on you. Always.

Please know - I believe in you. Whole heartedly. I do.

I believe you have enough balls to write the most amazing story yet. To create a brand new world to rival the Erilea’s, Rivendell’s, and Narnia’s already created.

I believe you can and you will.

It just takes hard work. Commitment to yourself. Grit. Persistence. And a pinch of imagination.

After all, where would we be without our great superpower of creativity?

I commit to giving you my best so you finally achieve your dream of completing your fantasy manuscript. And in turn, I hope to hear of how you conquered, you overcame, you did the work, and finally wrote your novel!

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Sup fam! I'm Stephanie BwaBwa, a pretty simple gal who happens to be a YA fantasy author and has no shame drinking coffee and writing all day. I like helping fellow writers wade through the waters of crafting their stories (I mean let's face it, you have yet ANOTHER trilogy burning in the back of your brain), because, priorities.