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Skip the novel writing fluff - Use a proven process - Write your fantasy novel

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RememBer the woRds you asKed youRself the other Night after you Finished your Latest Read?


Ohhhh you know. The ones you asked when your husband was in bed snoring, your cat was cuddled at your feet, and the lights were flickering in your room.

They went something like,
“Bruh. But HOW though?! I am shooketh!”

Or something like,
“This entire SERIES was a freaking puzzle piece! How did they do it? Like...what?”

And maybe even,
“Maaan, I want to write a novel like this... HAH. JK. I know I can't.”

Sound familiar?


Okay, Close your Eyes and Just imagine…


1. Knowing exactly how to craft those real characters that you fall in love with. The ones where you love their eyes, crack up at their jokes. Sob like a fool when they are hurt. Break apart like shattered glass when they die.

2. Building a world so beautiful with it’s cultures, and art, and entertainment, and values and beliefs. A world filled with majestic beasts and otherworldly creatures. As unique as the ones you read and become lost in.

3. Starting to generate different names for your characters. Create birthdays. Develop backstories, both beautiful and broken. Mapping out worlds. Crafting gods and goddesses and kings and queens.

4. Sitting down to plot and put together a story so riveting, so moving, so powerful, you are brought to big ugly tears as you are lost within this new world. Marveling at the magic that you created, that you finished…


Yes, boo!

You, too, can write a complete story from start to finish that grips the heart, wrenches the soul, shatters lives, makes readers cry big ugly tears…

Oh come off it!

You know all your favorite stories ruin lives!

And now, you too, can possess the power to do the same.

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Is plotting the Grim Reaper of novel writing?

(Nah, G! But it is an acquired beast!)

The life of the plotter is not for everyone. If you want to write the story NOW. If you feel like structure craps on your creativity. If you believe you can track every story arc, develop your characters thoroughly, build a realistic, expansive, rich world, and achieve every part of the puzzle and process without planning, then I seriously commend you! You a real one.

But chances are, that’s not you.

You’re structure oriented. You need process. You hate not knowing what’s next. You need to know where to start. What to do. Want to feel confident you’re not missing any steps. Aren’t missing any part of the process that can royally screw over your story down the road.


The secret to looking at the overwhelming bs that can be the novel writing process — in the face — and saying, “Not today satan!” — is plotting.

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By using a Clear, and Effective, System created Just for You to Actually Get your Novel done. Not just Chapter 1. Not just Half of the Manuscript. But the
novel written in full and donzo!

Yes. I, too, have written complete novels with this method of plotting. Because, I too, got sick and tired of scrambling, and getting to a part of the pre-planning process only to say, “Wait a minute, what? What am I supposed to do next?”

Idea to Manuscript was birthed for writers like us. The ones who have no time to tap dance with the foolishness. We need to know what to do in our stories, so we an research, gather inspo on Pinterest, get to plotting, and get our stories done!

You know, sometime in this lifetime.

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HeRe’s why pLottiNg is *the* way to Go in YouR noveL wRitiNg JouRney:


1. You don’t have time to waste. As cute as it for George R.R. Martin to take a lifetime to put out every next Game of Thrones novel, I’m sure you’re not trying to follow in his footsteps - nor should you.

2. Plotting helps you avoid being messy. You know what I mean - plot holes. Character arcs that make no sense. World building with more holes than a leaking bucket. Awkward story pacing… Yikes.

3. You deserve to know the intimate details of the moving parts of your story without having to rip your hair out at night because you’re stressed out. Or bursting into tears because you’re stuck - again.


Nailing your best story that can compete with your favorite authors isn’t impossible. It just needs some oil grease and determination. You know, the kind of stuff you are made of!

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I Created iDea to ManuscRipt to give you the Complete pRocess I went thRough to Write my novels and Finish Stories I was uber pRoud of.

I wasn’t always a proud writer. Actually, for such a long time, because I had failed over and over, I didn’t even want to acknowledge I was a writer.

Them: “Hey, do you write books?”
Me: “Who, me? HAHA. NO!”
*runs away and has a complete meltdown*

I was struggling fam.

My first novel took the longest to write. I spent 3 ½ years writing the first 3 chapters.
You read that right.
3 ½ years on the first three chapters.
Again and again and again.

I was constantly editing, and re-writing, and starting my novel over again. I was miserable, and each time it would end with me curled up in a ball on my bed sobbing these huge, ugly, tears. Until I reached my breaking point.

Then things began to change.

After a good cry, and some stress chocolate eating, and Disney binging, I sat my tail down and began crafting this beautiful process. From idea, to world, to characters, to arcs, to POV, to timelines, to outline, to drafting, to DONE.

My ugly tears turned into booming laughter and out of the mess that was my storytelling journey, birthed a solid process that I follow every single time now.

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iDea to ManuscRipt is comprised of the most efficient Steps and processes I’ve learned to get you from just the mere Thought of a new story into a compLeted Full-fLedgeD, compLetely written novel. Because it’s Time for you to do the thing, too.


With the Idea to Manuscript suite you’re learning exactly what I’ve done to finish my manuscripts without the midnight sweats and waste bin full of crumpled, empty dreams.

I believe you have what it takes to write your own epic novel. I know you can be the next big best seller. And with the suite, you’ll finally achieve just that - your finished manuscript.

Idea to Manuscript is the only suite comprised of a sketchbook for you visually plot your novel. A journal for you to intimately carve out the gold that will become your characters and worlds. And a planner that has every single step you need to follow to go from mere idea, to a complete novel, in a realistic timeframe.


When you wRite with iDea to ManuscRipt, you’Ll:


1. Discover your brilliant novel idea

4. Track to-do’s through calendars

7. Identify the best POV’s for the novel

2. Create 3 dimensional characters

5. Craft the world’s timeline so a series is no problem

8. Carve out riveting plot and character arcs

3. Map out a majestic new world

6. Dig into 3-Act story structure

9. Use prompts for backstory

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Let’s taKe a Look at what you’Ll be cReating with eaCh cuStomiZed pRoduct:


The Planner

PART 1: Mindset
— The Successful author mindset
— Writing myths to conquer
— Confess your fears
— Conquer your fears
— Commit to yourself
— Affirmation

PART 2: Ideas
— How to find your brilliant story idea
— Idea braindump
— Romance subplot ideas braindump
— Conflict ideas braindump
— Plot twists ideas braindump
— Protagonist’s ideas braindump
— Antagonist’s ideas braindump
— Braindump premise ideas
— Braindump theme ideas
— Braindump title ideas

PART 3: Foundation
— 3 Act story structure broken down
— What If principle
— What Is Expected principle
— Determine your deadlines
— Determine your writing schedule
— Map out your writing calendar by month
— Fill in your writing tasks by week

PART 4: Preparation
— More character development
— Map out character arcs
— Write a letter from the protagonist
— Write a letter from the antagonist
— Let the protagonist vent
— Let the antagonist vent
— Dig into more world building
— Craft out more subplots

Part 5: Organization
— Map out your story by 3 act structure
— Map out your novel’s timeline
— Choose your outlining method

Part 6: Put It All Together
— Write out every part of your novel in sequence

Part 7: Execution
— Work on the epilogue if necessary
— Work on the prologue if necessary
— Work on the last chapter
— Work on the first chapter
— Sign your final pledge

Part 8: Final Stretch
— Write the tagline and hook
— Write the blurb
— Write the synopsis
— Write the keep in touch page
— Write the author page
— Write the dedication page
— Write the acknowledgments page

The Sketchbook

This sketchbook contains specific sections for you to print out fotos, write out information, draw, mind map, and place anything and everything relevant to your story on a blank canvas.

— Mind Mapping
— Protagonists
— Antagonists
— Mythical Creatures
— Worlds
— Maps
— Timelines
— Plot
— Research
— Printables and Online Inspo
— Miscellaneous

The Journal

This journal is specifically created for backstory development and uncovering intimate details. Use all prompts provided to continuously garner new information about characters, the world, and every moving aspect in your novel.

PART 1: Heroes and Heroines
— Prompts
— Journal pages

PART 2: Villains and Enemies
— Prompts
— Journal pages

PART 3: Worlds and Lands
— Prompts
— Journal Pages

PART 4: Personal Musings
— Prompts
— Journal Pages


Only 1 in 10 writers will
finish writing their novel.

iDea to ManuscRipt will make you the exception.


It’s not about being blessed by the gods.

Writing a novel is as simple as getting the story idea of the book you want to read, executing the process to do so, and following through with said process, step-by-step.

You’ll be light years ahead of all enthusiasts. And in a short span of time, you too, will join the ranks of authorship. Because you deserve to.


iDea to ManuscRipt

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iDea to ManuscRipt is for you IF you’re Ready to Stop screwing around aNd write yoUr novel.

Idea to Manuscript is your new best friend if…

○ You’re SO ready to finally write the story that has been burning in your gut forever now
○ You’re always tearing into a new book and know you actually could write a story just as riveting… if not, even better
○ You’ve started stories again and again, and even though you’ve never finished them, you can’t stop trying to write them
○ You know storytelling is for you, you just need to know what to do
○ You’re SO over running around in circles, chasing your own tail, and are ready for a process that will get you to a completed novel

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But fam—put a pause on it. iDea to ManuscRipt is Not for you iF you are not A fan of pLotting.



I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back…
Idea to Manuscript is NOT FOR YOU if…


○ You hate plotting with a passion and refuse to do so
○ You believe strongly that plotting will stop your creative flow (Hint: It wont)
○ You want to take longer than a few months to write your story through to the end
○ You want to write your novel by cutting corners (Idea to Manuscript only works if you do)


It’s time to take action. To conquer storytelling. To finally write the story that’s been inside of you. for. too. Long.

With Idea to Manuscript, you’ll have a crazy ton of,”Bruh, but how did I NOT know this till now?” moments.

It’s honestly the best feeling in the world. And I can’t wait for you to experience it.

To reach that lightbulb moment of, “YOOOO. This is easier than I thought! The ideas won’t stop flowing!”

Once your well bursts, the overflow is endless. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Don’t put your Story off for another moment! Take action now.


❝ Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. ❞

— LoUis L’amoUr


So just who is the storyteller behind the miracle?

What’s poppin’ fam. I’m the creator,
Stephanie BwaBwa.

I help amazing fantasy writers like you write their novels. I’m a lifelong reader, and storytelling became more than just hobby since I began to realize boys actually didn’t have cooties.

Long story short - after many failed writing attempts. Starting stories and never executing till the end. After reading novel after novel with so much envy I could cry. After wanting SO STINKING BAD to be able to write my own story and tell my own truth through my world (geez, sounds a bit selfish, eh?)... - I finally did. the. thing.

I completed my novel in less than 90 days.

Then, I did something wild. Something outrageous. Something… stupid. I took a few weeks to plot another novel, and gave myself all of 30 days to write it. Note, said novel would be at least 100K. And yep, I did that, too.

So, all in all, I guess you can say me and fantasy stories are kinda cool or whatevah’.

I've learned, when it comes to us writers, we don't need to be ready, we just need to be willing to go after it with all we've got. So how about it storyteller? I wrote my stories. Are you ready to write yours?

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You Have QuestionS — aNd A YouNgin Has AnSwers.

Can I buy these items separately?

No, fam! These products work in tandem together to get you the ultimate result. It's not 3 separate products that helps you achieve your goal from different angles. It's one product in 3 facets that work together to help you achieve your goal of writing your entire manuscript.

I write [insert sub genre of fantasy or fiction here] - will Idea to Manuscript work for me?

Sure ‘nuff! No matter what kind of fantasy or fiction you write, Idea to Manuscript will get you all the way together.

Do I have to rush through Idea to Manuscript?

Nope! Take your time and write your best story!

Are there digital versions of the Idea to Manuscript suite?

Negative fam. These are strictly physical products.

Can I use them for multiple stories at a time?

This is very much so possible. However, I advise AGAINST doing so. You want to use every piece of content to focus strictly on your current story.

What if I’ve never written a novel before?

PERFECT. All the more reason to get Idea to Manuscript so you can skip aaaaall of the trial and error, and get to the result of a completed manuscript sooner than most.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Oh yes, yes, yes! If you’ve spent 30 days going through the content and applied each portion, and find you’re not writing your novel, just email me:, with your receipts (in other words, proof that you did the work) and you’ll get an instant refund. No risks here fam!

Is the material complicated?

Nope! My goal was to break the process all the way down, so you walk away with no stress and a completed novel.


iDea to ManuscRipt

Buy the suite now!


Pay iN FuLl:
1 Full Payment of


— Idea to Manuscript Planner
— Idea to Manuscript Sketchbook
— Idea to Manuscript Journal
— Autographed copies

Buy the Suite


Please note, this doesn’t include shipping.

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