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It’s time to drop the insecurities and get writing.

Hello, Scripter. I’m Stephanie, here to give you a creative strategy to your best novel.

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How many books would you write if your self-limiting beliefs stopped resisting your inner author?

You have a book to write. A story to tell. And a wholeee lotta resistance keeping you from doing the thing. It’s time to face the reasons you can’t finish your story, so you can finally become an author. 

Writer Readiness was great for me. Please make a quick note after listening to most of the sections. It helps you gain insight as a new writer on what you want to say, show, and reveal in your own story. It’s all about helping you proceed. When I finished I had my storyboard for my second book. Fantasy and adventures are favorites for me. I get to create my own world. It started with Anne Mccafferty and solidified with Stephen Donaldson. Now, its multicultural and Christian! I recommend both Stephanie’s books in the Elledelle fantasy world. Sexy Black but appropriate Angels! Thank you for the ‘stimulus’ I needed. Pun intended!

Gladys Klingerman

What would happen if you visually plotted your world, and walked away with a clear process to write an enriched, immersive, fantasy novel?

It’s possible to bring the world in your mind to life on the blank page. All you need is the visual process that will help you bring those creative ideals from your mind into the world.

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Stephanie BwaBwa is a high energy, enthusiastic, and passionate YA Fantasy author who created the world of Elledelle which thrills a global reading audience.

BwaBwa has nearly a decade of experience writing in her genre, and teaches expert strategies on writing binge worthy, page turning YA fantasy that is sure to keep readers up at night.

Her presentations are always filled with immense value, endless “ah ha” moments, actionable strategies, and rave reviews from attendees.