Here’s 3 Things You Should Know About Elledelle

August 26, 2021

I’ve been building the universe of Elledelle now for 5 years. I’m not sure many know that truth, but I have. I didn’t know it then, but subconsciously, I’d taken a ton of inspiration from Stan Lee’s: Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t know a thing about universes back then besides vague scientific fact. Let alone how to build them. But as the movies came out, one after another (I love the Avenger’s films), I realized, deep in the back of my mind it challenged me to go beyond what everyone else was doing in fantasy.

So, while authors were using planet earth as a baseline, and modifying it to create their own fantastical setting, and others were building brand new worlds…

I decided I would create an entire universe.

Because… Of course I would. 

It didn’t start off perfect. I, in fact, started with one world. And I developed it extensively. But I didn’t stay there. I built another. And another. Then the ideas for realms came. And that’s when it clicked: I would build a universe.

As the years go by, and more stories come from differing places in the universe, I’m able to build more, and really create something unique for fantasy readers. This has to do with time, which allows me to have more experience in life, and to become more mature. That maturity allows me to ask the right questions, and build in the best way possible.

So far, the universe is still developing of course, and I often make the mistake of saying world when I mean the ginormous universe. But, in time it’ll click! That said, while it’s growing, there’s three things you should know about the universe right away.


1. All of the characters are black angels.

Yep. I said it. All of the characters are 100% angels or some form of fantastical creature (created with an angel, by an angel, or is an angel). And the angels themselves? They’re all black.

Why? First, let me share a personal story with you. 

I actually grew up reading fiction and fantasy. From Matilda, to The Twitches, to Little Red Riding Hood, then A Series of Unfortunate Events. Blue Bloods, The Mortal Instruments, Captain Underpants, and the entire lot.

And as a little girl, having been raised in predominantly white neighborhoods, in predominantly white schools, and having predominantly white friends – it wasn’t until adulthood that this one thought occurred to me: I’ve almost never seen myself on a book cover. And even if the book had black characters, we were either: the side character, the villain, or a non factor in the story.

It wasn’t until I was 26 years old that I saw myself on a book cover for the first time. Daughters of Nri has two dark skinned women on it’s cover. And one of them has deep brown eyes and a huge afro. That was the first time I looked at a cover and really saw myself.

And friend, I actually cried. It hit me that deep. And that’s when I realized, I need to do my part for others who are like me. I must write beautiful stories, with black characters, in magical worlds.

My mission is to give glory to God with each story while also shedding a massive spotlight on black love, black families, black friendships, black faith, black hope, and black perseverance.

Also. They’re all angels.

Mainly because they’re my favorite supernatural beings. Partially because there’s far more stories about demons than angels. And again, because there’s a typical narrative readers have come to expect when they read anything with angels, and I’m determined to change that.

You won’t find baby looking angels shooting people in the behind in Elledelle. But you will see what you may not have been exposed to before. Angels with multiple pairs of wings. Multiple hearts inside their bodies. Immense magical powers. And an entire universe made for angels, by angels who are led by the God Elledelle.

It gives me immense joy to write about black angels in a magical universe, placing them in circumstances that no one would expect an angel to be in.

Through their angelic lens, I share tales about the human condition, and with each narrative the goal is to make sure you as a reader are educated, entertained, and edified.

2. There are tons of biblical elements in each story.

Here’s another story I want you to know, my friend. Did you know that Elledelle was born from this question:

I wonder what happened after the Great War in Heaven but BEFORE Lucifer, who became Satan, landed here on Earth…

Yup. That was the question, the thought, that ran through my mind again and again. After some time, I began seeing bits of different characters. Different worlds. And slowly but surely Elledelle developed over time.

As a Christian, it’s a God-given mandate for my stories to be for the glory of the Lord. So naturally, many elements are biblical. Down to the very terms used for some magical abilities, the meanings behind the names of the universe, worlds, and characters, as well as different important objects that surface in different books.

Everything you find in the books is done with great intention. Nothing is haphazard. Each character, each world, each element, down to their descriptions, their backstory, and so on, all came to be from a place of great thought, prayer, and intention.

Now, if you don’t know the bible, these elements will come off as just really unique fantasy ideas to you. However, if you’ve read the bible, you’ll catch all of the symbolism quickly.

And that’s on purpose.

I want to entertain your mind but edify your spirit and educate your soul.

You’ll notice certain themes throughout the books: Family, friendship, partnership, self-discovery, faith, growth, and so on. These are all biblical elements, and as such, will be found in the books.

3. Elledelle tales are here to disrupt the status quo.

All in all, I don’t think God put me on the earth to write carbon copies of other people’s stories. Especially not for the bogus reason of: “This idea will sell.”

As for me, when it comes to writing stories in Elledelle, it’s a gut thing, it’s a heart thing, and it’s a “I’m here to flip the whooooole script” thing. 

The goal is to highlight darkness and all of the light that can or should come from it. We live in a broken world marred by sin, so of course it only makes sense to use Young Adult stories to show that darkness.

But it’s also important to highlight all of the goodness and light that comes from darkness. 

I’m not a fan of having things occur in stories for the sake of shock value. Nor am I in the business of writing a dark story without a happy end. God himself went through a lot to give people their happy ending in this world, and as such I plan to do the same with my stories.

Although… the characters will have to earn it. He he he.

Fantasy is just that… fantasy. It’s a new world. It’s a chance to leave behind what’s familiar and dive into something heart pounding. Thrilling. Blood chilling. Yet entirely magical. Elledelle is a place of infinite possibilities to do just that.

That means I won’t use the same kinds of fantasy beings readers are used to in the genre. I won’t use the same themes. I won’t yield to the same character journeys. I’ll weave in beloved tropes, of course, (unless they’re toxic: read about that here) but I will do something different. Something you wouldn’t expect but will altogether love with your whole heart.

Elledelle is ever growing, expanding, and here to bring you these beautiful black angels, in magical worlds, with immense power, that mirror the human condition. These stories are meant to steal your heart and leave you better than before you started reading.

I won’t always get it just right. I may not always hit the nail on the head. But in the end, my intentions will always be the same with Elledelle: please God, serve you, and disrupt my genre with the unexpected by influencing readers with stories of faith, hope, and love.

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Hey friend! I make up stories that move the heart and remind you of faith, hope, and love. I write about black angels in magical worlds with impressive power that mirror the human condition, all in the universe of Elledelle. Welcome to my corner of your fave billionnaries internet. 🥴

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