A deadly assassin seeking freedom. A manipulative queen seeking power. A depraved court hanging in the balance.

Zavala Nightingale is a deadly assassin with a slick mouth, and devastating magic. Even though she’s the most feared Crescent in the Bones Court, she still wants out.

Zavala has one more job to finish, then she’ll collect her coin and leave…

But the Ash Queen has other plans for her.

When the Ash Queen declares Zavala as her heir, and the next Crescent Queen, Zavala will be faced with one of two choices:

Accept and be a Crescent for life, or deny the Ash Queen, drawing the wrath of every assassin alive.

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Very interesting new story

Rated 5 out of 5
June 10, 2021

This is a new story with a new take on angels, assassins and the story of a young girl who was taken into this world of assassins and raised by them to now be one of the most powerful yet she is torn by her predicament and wanting to leave that life. This story follows her as she tries to navigate this world, survive, understand her feelings for a coworker, and navigate the interactions with the guild queen who wants her to stay. The first chapter with new terminology took a little bit to start but then the story took off from there and I didn’t want it to end. Will be looking forward to see how her life progresses from here with the surprising end to the first book.