Elledelle is the fantasy world created by Stephanie BwaBwa. Elledelle is the happy medium between Narnia and Wakanda about black angels, magic, and mayhem. All stories in Elledelle are YA fantasy for readers: 14+ with black characters and diverse adventures.

Parables & Fantasy

Parables & Fantasy was founded in 2021 by YA and Fantasy Author, Stephanie BwaBwa. Parables & Fantasy was created to provide a platform of resources, community, and soon events for fantasy writers of faith who are sharing their faith through the fantasy fables they write.

Indie Author Lifestyle

Indie Author Lifestyle was founded in 2019 by International Bestselling Author Angela J. Ford and YA Fantasy Author, Stephanie BwaBwa. Indie Author Lifestyle was created to support and encourage indie authors and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers by providing weekly advice, resources, and best practices for finding success as an author.

Launch Yesterday

Launch Yesterday is a web and graphics design business providing custom web design, wordpress website templates, branding, and Done For You monthly design for entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and creatives.