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August 10, 2021

Weapons of Mass Distractions are a literal crime against humanity. And what I’m blaming for why your TBR isn’t longer. I’m about to plead my case. All I ask, is that you hear me out. 🤣

I’m writing to you from the dregs of a writing deadline long overdue with not enough coffee and far too many open tasks in my Asana. 🥴

Okay. So, let’s chat about this long overdue deadline, shall we?

For weeks and weeks I promoted the release of the first episode of The Transcendents Serial series. I was loud and proud, especially on the ‘Gram.

The first episode was projected to be called: The Crescent and the Bloodwood Trap, and was to be released by the end of July.

Well. It’s clearly August (uhm?? It’s August!!) and the book hasn’t released yet. 😩

I could go ahead and blame it on the fact that July 28th was my 28th birthday (isn’t that cool? 28 on 28? hehehe), and I didn’t factor in that I wouldn’t have the mental capacity to deal with a release at the same time. You can see my celebratory Instagram commemoration here.

I could say it’s because I was in a month long fast that kept me focused on prayer, devotion, and believing God for some specific breakthroughs in my life.

Or even the fact that I was also in the throes of getting myself together for a major shift that had me up early, sleeping late, with zero energy left for editing, publishing, and marketing.

I’d even like to blame Smaug! That pesky dragon swooping in and ruining well orchestrated plans for the heck of it.

All in all.

Time was mismanaged. My focus was on a trillion things at once… besides the book. And my energy/strength was spent. So much so, on my birthday I went to bed so early it was practically silly because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

However, what I’ve learned about lifes upheavals is, somewhere along the way, pivots lead to purpose.

That said, I have a book cover to show you, a new episode title to reveal, and a modified release day, all in due time.

Please don’t hold it against me. My goal is always to keep my word, and I know so many of you have been waiting for the next installment. It’s coming! Trust me, it is. Just a few weeks later, because WHEW chile!

July came for throats, necks, and sanity all across the board. Mkay? 🥴

Before I go, I want to share about a reader who had the experience I hope all of you get to have whenever you read a book from the universe of Elledelle.

After reading Seraphim Falling, this reader was so entrenched in Elledelle, specifically the realm of Astraea, she walked away from the story hoping it would turn into a Netflix series one day.

This always resonates with me because, to me, it lets me know I did my job right.

A unique universe, with only angels, varying magical powers, and the struggle of good versus evil had been written in such a way they forgot about earth, and felt as though they were in the world itself.

“​​WOW! This plot-driven story is action-packed with vivid detail. I love the connection I felt to Titaia, Cinder, and her family, especially Zaza, in so few pages. I love the imagery depicted within the descriptions – I could picture everything as it was happening – I do hope the world of Elledelle becomes a Netflix series!”

As an author of fantasy who writes from a place of faith, such takeaways mean the world to me. Because I don’t just write for 5 stars or a list that depicts how many books I’ve sold.

I write for you. The journey you’ll embark on. The goodness you get to experience. The emotions you’ll go through. My head is often full of the characters, and closely after, it’s filled with you my readers.

How will you feel? What will you learn? What will the book leave you with?

This review was a powerful reminder of the reader experience, and also my authorial responsibility to the story and it’s reader.

I hope you’re aware of how amazing you are, and how important your experience with a book is. Especially to the book’s author. I know it’s important to me. 🤩

I hope this week has been good to you and a peaceful weekend of reading awaits! 💫

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Stephanie BwaBwa is a Jesus-centered, young adult and fantasy author, writing in the universe of Elledelle about black angels in magical worlds with impressive power that mirror the human condition.

Stephanie is  🇨🇦 Canadian, 🇭🇹 Haitian, & 🇨🇩 Congolese. Represent!!

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