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Where Narnia meets Wakanda in a world about black angels, magic, and mayhem.

Featured Release:

Seraphim Falling

A Seraphim Resistance Prequel Novella

Titaia Scarlethorn Angelfyre wanted peace. Her enemies brought her war.

Praise for BwaBwa’s Stories

“Stephanie’s writing is creative, detailed, and action-packed. She does not shy away from darker subjects, but knows how to add humor and lightness. There’s not a word wasted or a moment without purpose, and things that seem like small details will come back with great relevance. Her characters are interesting, relatable and you will love them from the very moment they’re introduced. Stephanie builds excitement by adding subtle hints to backstories, details, and fears, hopes, dreams and desires, in a pace that is both quick and understandable. Definitely a worthy read!” 

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