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Stephanie BwaBwa

Stephanie BwaBwa is a Jesus-centered, multi passionate, creative who’s enjoying building a legacy through the lens of story. She’s a Canadian born, Haitian raised, Congolese descended, North American dweller who lived a colorful life in south Florida that cultivated a perspective on the world as unique as her background. As a child, she was a reader. As a teen, she became a hobby writer. But once she crossed into adulthood, her burning desire to be a career writer emerged.

Whether leading online communities, joining indie book festivals for conversation on the craft, and even podcasting about the writer’s life, BwaBwa makes sure to bring her energy, passion, and quirky but invaluable writing strategies, and principles, to writers all over the world.

BwaBwa’s creative prowess doesn’t lie only with her Novel Writing Consulting Firm, Bwabs Collective LLC. Stephanie is also the Co-Founder of Indie Author Lifestyle, an indie author company teaching writers all over the world how to write, edit, publish and market their novels while crafting healthy career writer lives. And she is the CEO and Creative Director of The Bwabs Refinery, a web design company serving entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to build digital platforms in record time.

Stephanie BwaBwa is the YA Fantasy author of The Seraphim Resistance Series, and an avid reader of fantasy and fiction. Jesus is her Lord and lifeline, Disney is her safe place, Capuchin monkeys have her heart, and coffee is the reason she makes it from sunshine to sunshine. You can usually catch her going for a walk through a park, or simply binging Disney+ with a cuppa Joe in hand.

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Fun facts about Stephanie

I’m an apostolic christian. Jesus Christ is my lifeline.

The bulk of what I read is fantasy. The bulk of that? Ya epic fantasy, of course.

Most readers don’t know I’m also a poetess who writes freeform, and spoken word prose.

My heart is in serving my local church, and thereby our community through ministerial programs and outreach.

I’ve been a youth leader since 2018 and it has stretched me in ways I never thought possible.

I’ve been a disney fanatic since I was a child. Almost nothing brings me more joy and peace than a cup of joe, or hot cocoa while watching anything disney

I began teaching myself css and html when I was about 12 years old. I’ve been a designer in amateur and expert ways since.

Long strolls through a park bring me infinite joy.

There are people in this world who are introverted, extroverts. I am one of them.

Plus, team #enfj-t, because, we’re awesome.

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