Hello Scripter. I’m Stephanie!
A Christian Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder with a belief there’s a story inside you that must be told.
Truth be told, our journeys are probably not so different. Read on. And remember, If I can do it, so can you, Scripter.

A Canadian immigrant raised in the USA, reading quickly became a necessary escape.

From my childhood to teenage years, home was pretty unstable.

We moved a lot, which meant I was constantly starting over. Not to mention, times were tough. 

Fantasy novels quickly became my closest friends, and quick escape route. I was an avid reader before adolescence ended, and I was writing by the time I entered my teen years.

I was persuaded to read by A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by the masterful Lemony Snickett. I was compelled to write by The Mortal Instruments Series written by the author who changed my life, Cassandra Clare.

There was always something about storytelling through the lens of fantasy that always found a home in my soul.

Creating a brand new world so vivid, so real, deeply embedded within the heart that moved me, moved readers, became a passion. A window to shape one’s perspective and give them hope of what they’re truly able to achieve. Conquer.

There was no greater joy.

Fast forward a bit down the timeline…

I began writing to publish. But boy, it was a mess. I had an idea. I had a glimpse of a world. I could see the end. But I had no way of bringing it to life in the best way possible.

 I sat down and wrote 3 chapters. This amounted to 20K. And I proceeded to edit them and get nowhere for the next… wait for it… 3 years.

1,095 days went by and I had a measly 20K to show for it.

So, I took off my pantser hat and traded it in for my plotter one.

And I went on to turn that short little 20K manuscript into 140K+ in under 90 days.

That’s when my light bulb went off and I knew I struck gold. Plotting was the move! 

So – from then I stopped pantsing and each novel project I dove into I went in with my plotting cap on.

This led to 15K writing days. 100K manuscripts being written in a month. And novels being birthed easier, faster, and with more confidence.

Since then I took everything I learned from the interim of my fantasy novel writing journey, and taught fantasy writers how to do the same for themselves.

I’ve been honored to walk through the idea to manuscript process with writers, watching as their own light bulbs turned on, and what was once a manuscript about to be shelved, turned into a manuscript that got completed.

So, how about it Scripter. Let’s turn your craft into a draft.
Fun Facts About Stephanie
1. I’m an Apostolic Christian. Jesus Christ is my lifeline.

2. The bulk of what I read is fantasy. The bulk of that? YA Epic Fantasy, of course.

3. Most readers don’t know I’m also a poetess who writes freeform, and spoken word prose. Shh. I didn’t tell you that.

4. My heart is in serving my local church, and thereby our community through ministerial programs and outreach.

5. I’ve been a Youth Leader since 2018 and it has stretched me in ways I never thought possible.

6. I’ve been a Disney fanatic since I was a child. Almost nothing brings me more joy and peace than a cup of Joe, or hot cocoa while watching anything Disney.

7. I began teaching myself CSS and HTML when I was about 12 years old. I’ve been a designer in amateur and expert ways since.

8. Long strolls through a park bring me infinite joy.

9. There are people in this world who are introverted, extroverts. I am one of them.

10. Plus, Team #ENFJ-T, because, we’re awesome.