Oooo, you're itching to write that epic, mind blowing, full of "Say what??" moments, fantasy novel.

The one with the strong female lead, and dark but sexy love interest, with the vivid and beautiful world, plus the fighting, and sacrifices, and secrets, and lore, and manipulation and ALL THE THINGS.


Your manuscript keeps screwing you over and making you rip out your edges. Constantly running away from you like a child with chubby little legs running away from discipline.

Chiiiiile. 😖😩😫


Alright babe, grab your mug and let’s chat.

Let me guess - you have a notebook… no. Notebooks full of ideas. You know how your story ends. You have some threads of how it starts. You kinda know what characters you want. Maybe already even know the beloved character you plan to kill off (I mean, Game of Thrones is obvs the new storytelling standard).

You have google docs full of random notes about what your world looks like… or maybe could look like. You know what kind of action you want. After all, Sarah J. Maas can’t be the only one who can pull it off… Can she?

You've already told people you're writing a novel, so it's too late to run now.

You know the plot, the journey, the underlying message, the new world you’re trying to build. At least, it's all in your head anyway. You have Pinterest boards named after characters and they’re chock full of pictures representing what you’re about to create.

There’s just one tiny, itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, problem.

You don’t know CRAP about story structure. You have no clue how to string up a decent outline to save your life. Every time you write a word, you know it sucks, so naturally you delete it and start over again. You don’t know a lick of how to research for your story.

And wait, what about creating your magic system because every book you hate had a magic system that sucked? And what about your character's arc? And even their development? And setting up the world? And what about tropes? And and and…


You’re full of a whole lotta steam... and a whole lotta clueless. Well, clueless in how to plot, write, and complete a full length novel that won’t suck. Let's just be real.

I know you’ve got the story in your brain, and, personally, I won’t stop until you have it all out on paper (or Scrivener, because, bless God for technology, am I right?) and together, we will get you to that ultimate storytelling finish line.

Because, HUZZAH, you deserve to wield the title of Author, too. And you will.

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will you finally build your world or nah?

Stop playing! Take the FREE (hello!) course. 🗣️

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So you still want to know about me, huh? Cool. Here’s what matters:

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The name is Stephanie BwaBwa, but all the cool kids call me Bwabs. No but really, it’d be cool if you called me that, too. I kinda prefer it anyway. I’ve been a lifelong reader, and storytelling became more than just hobby since I began realizing boys actually didn’t have cooties.

Really the downward spiral of loving fictional worlds more than this one (oops) began with A Series of Unfortunate Events long, long, long ago. And then the writing dragons bit me when I stumbled upon my 7000% favorite series on the planet: The Mortal Instruments. Let me tell you, Cassandra Clare KNOWS how to break souls and still have you begging for more. Gah lee!

Anyway, I take it you just care about how I know how to help you with your novel right? Well, long story short - after failed ideas, starting stories and never finishing, after reading novel after novel with so much envy I could cry, after wanting SO STINKING BAD to be able to write my own story and tell my own truth through my world (geez, sounds a bit selfish, eh?) - I finally did. the. thing.

I completed my novel in less than 90 days.

Please read: I wrote the first 3 chapters (about 20K) over and over for 3 years, and then in year 4 I got sick and tired of doing the same thing, sat my butt in a chair, and finally finished the thing (the remaining 40+ chapters, and final 120K) within the next 70 days. True story bro.

Then, I did something wild. Something outrageous. Something… stupid. I took a few weeks to plot another novel, and gave myself all of 30 days to write it. Note, said novel would be at least 100K. And yep, I did that, too. (Rise of the Shaexan will be hitting your Amazon also-boughts soon enough.)

So, all in all, I guess you can say me and fantasy stories are kinda cool or whatevah’. I love them and, thank my lucky stars, they love me, too. By the way, I AM NOT A RARE COMMODITY. If I can do it, you will do it, too.

I've learned, when it comes to us writers, we don't need to be ready, we just need to be willing to go after it with all we've got. So how about it storyteller? I wrote (am still writing***) my stories, and it's only the beginning.

Are you ready to write yours?


The Important Stuff:



Faith in Jesus is my lifeline.


I'm determined to own a pet monkey.


Being left-handed is still my goal.


Disney plays a major part in my creativity.


Indie music and gangsta rap is my jam.


Obnoxious sarcasm is part of my love language.


Yes, I am an extroverted introvert.


I am a FIRM believer in the oxford comma.


My favorite author is Cassandra Clare.




I have ZERO tolerance for cookie cutter and BS.

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Your Next Steps From Here:

There are multiple ways for you to kickstart your writing journey the right way... or, reboot it at least.

My word to you? We'll skip the BS and get right to it. Cool? Cool.

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